Sun-Ergy's Holistica
Life Extension Technique Specialties
"Healing Ourselves-Healing Earth-Wholistically"

Holistica; is a National and International Wholistic Health and Fitness Therapeutic Consortium that not only provides Personalized Group and Individual, Indoor and or Outdoor Classes & Instruction; but also: Workshops, Seminars, Wholistic Eco/Tao Massage Therapy, Energywork, Spiritual Counseling and other related Wholistic style Modalities that promote Spiritual, Intellectual, Psychological, Emotional and Physical Homeostasis (Balance); Non-stress, Equilibrium, Grounding, Youthfulness, Self-healing and Well-being of one's Spirit, Mind and Body, either one person or in small groups at a time; locally, nationally and globally.


Ron: a.k.a. Vasudeva offers, on a regular basis, his Hloistica style; hands on, classes, workshops & therapeutic services at his private Wholistic Wellness Studio in either Palm Springs, California, Atlanta, Georgia, and or, other affiliated Wholistic Oriented Centers & Schools located in both the U.S. & Worldwide. All classes, workshops & therapeutic services are available on a 12 hour & 7 day and sliding scale fee, schedule. Please register for services/classes via phone at: 
 and or via Ron Vasudeva DeNardo's  email at:

Wholistic Massage & Other Related Modalities

SuN-Ergy's Holistica Life Extension Technique Specialty: a full 60 minute, whole body, functional, integrational and deep tissue combination therapy session. Each session is a customized from of wholistic growth, expansion, self-healing, well-being & full body stress release, initiating therapy. Sessions can include up to two, of some fourteen of Ron’s Wholistic therapies and or adjunct modalities. Ron’s premise is based entirely upon the client’s current needs, requirements, wants and desires in returning to and or attaining a nearly perfect state of Spirit, Mind and Body homeostasis (balance), self-healing and well-being. Ron’s SuNergy Therapy-plus session includes range of motion testing, posture assessment & consultation and a full-body wholistic massage on a Fleece Blanket Covered Massage Table.  Fee: $80.00.. 

NeuroMuscular-Trigger Point Therapy: is a specific area type of deep-tissue bodywork, designed to relieve sensitive tender and painful trigger points, relax connective tissue (fascia), realign and heal injured tissue, aid in lymph drainage and restore the natural balance and flow of the body’s bio-electro magnetic energy system. A 45 minute specific area session: $55.00.

Shiatsu: iis a form of ancient Oriental acupressure, passive-active stretching exercise and bodywork. Shiatsu is based upon the premise that good health is dependent on the balanced flow of vitality in the body and in particular on the that flows through a specific system of channels and or meridians. Shiatsu is designed to release blocks in circulation and energy flow of healing nutrients to organs, glands, muscles and nerves. The restoration of good circulation to all the tissues helps support the immune system and stimulates the body’s natural inclination to heal. A 30 minute, full body meridian/Shiatsu session: $45.00

Reiki: is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. Reiki is a non-invasive method of hands on or off, healing athat taps into the Universal Life Force energy referred to as Wu Chi. Reiki is a gentle technique that addresses both acute and chronic conditions; gently and powerfully promoting balance among all of the body’s systems and the normal regenerative processes of one’s Spirit, Mind and Body. A 30 minute full body meridian/Reiki session: $45.00.

Trio Reflexology: is a method of activation the body’s own natural healing powers through the thousands of nerve endings located on the feet, hands and ears. Trio Reflexology is a holistic and totally non-invasive science of stimulating certain specific reflex areas that correspond to various organs, glands and body parts. Trio Reflexology is a wonderful way to reduce stress, improve circulation and restore homeostasis to one’s Spirit, Mind and Body. A 45 minute Trio session: $45.00.

Vibrational-Energy Medicine: is a subtle-energy based therapy used to initiate a person’s own self-healing and well-being capabilities. Each V.E.M. session includes either a single and or a combination of various vibrationally related treatments, such as: Aroma therapy, Gemstone, Essential Oil, Tuning fork, Subtle Energy Therapeutic Healing and other types of Metaphysical Healing Therapies. A 45 minute, full body V.E.M. Chakra and Meridian balancing and clearing session: $60.00.  

Yama Baaya Therapy: An Ancient Universal, Wholistic/Shamanic (Spirit, Mind & Body) Sensual & Full-body Stress Release Therapy, that includes: Clearing, Combing-out and Re-aligning of one's Auras, Chakra Points and Meridian Points using Traditional Shamanic Healing tools, such as a Sweet Grass & Sage stick Smudging, an Eagle Feather Fanning, Rattling with an authentic Shaman's Gourd Rattle, 7 Gem Healing wand, Color Therapy Lamp, Live Wood Pendulum; plus and including some use of Re-birthing, Energy-Work, Shiatsu, Trigger Point therapy and Structural  & Stretching re-alignment techniques.  A 30 - 45 minute session:  $50.00 - $60.00 and or $2.00 per minute.

Adjunct Modalities: Therapies such as: Tridoshic Therapy: that helps to relax the nerves and calm the mind, Torso-Lumbro-Pelvic Release, Elemental and Mastery of Tibetan Self-Awareness, Transformation & Intent, Full body Brush-down & Stress Release, Skin-rolling, Essential Oil, Tub Soak, casting of customized magikal & self -healing spells & breaking of negative harm - ful spells. Create customized healing & protective herbal, essential oil and magikal signage amulets, sachets and jewelry. Fees: $2.00 per minute, with a 15-30 minute minimum.


Eco-Therapy:  Healing Ourselves; (Our Spirit, Mind & Body) and Mother Earth. Personalized & Individual, small or large group ecologically based Spiritual Guidance and Counseling by a Certified Hospital/Medical & Non-denominational Religious Chaplain, Shamanist and longtime & dedicated Taoist Follower.  A 45 - 60 minute session: $45.00 - $60.00.

Noaz Ark Pet Therapy: Total Therapeutic and Medical Intuitive Therapy and  Energy-Work for all Pets/Animals that may have been aboard Noah’s Ark!  A 30 minute session: $40.00

Water & Energy Dowsing, Smudging & Divining: Either searching & finding Water and or thoroughly clearing out of one's home, possessions, Auric & Physical bodies of  Sha Qi: Negative, Dark and Stuck Energy using either especially designed and highly vibrational Auric-Meter, Tibetan Signing Bowl and Native American Smudging Techniques.  A 30 - 60 minute session: $45.00 - $65.00.

Sliding Scale/Fee Schedule

Therapeutic Exchange & Class Fee Schedule

Free Therapeutic Exchanges/Sessions & Classes both group and Individual, will be held & offered Sunday thru Saturday from 8:00 a.m until 6:00 p.m. at my private, secluded and quiet; outdoor or in-door locally located home and or at another attendee's home. Participants/Students will determine a day and time they'd like to attend. Cost for classes range from $20.00 - $30.00 per person & per class. For more information or to set up an appointment please email me, Ron Vasudeva at